I'm a Providence, RI based painter focused on bold, graphic realism. I'm a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design, where I received a BFA in industrial design. Though I began my creative career as a designer, I soon found I have more to express than is possible through design alone.

I am compelled to make art that articulates and documents the beauty I find in the everyday, man-made world. I am drawn to the three-dimensional shapes, typography and color of the signage and architecture I see in my travels. The imagery I am attracted to and the way I compose my paintings are heavily influenced by my background as a designer.

My process starts with extensive photography of a subject. I select a painting's source photograph based on the angles, shadows and highlights that best accentuate the subject. Working from the photograph, I create a drawing- editing and enhancing in order to hone the focus of the work. The drawing is then transferred to the canvas, where I use a direct, hard-edge, precise method of oil painting. One of my greatest joys is the moment a three-dimensional form starts to come to life on a canvas.